[sfbarentersfed] 224 units - George Lucas Marin County affordable housing project

Anybody want to make a short movie? :slight_smile:

Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild ))))

Maybe you can send the poem (play?) to George Lucas, so he can have one more "weapon" against the current Marin residents who are going to fight him tooth and nail over placing subsidized (subsidized by them? Us all?) housing in their midst.

George Lucas is providing the funds to build the place. But who will own the building? The government? On our collective taxes? Lucas himself? And is he willing to charge below market rents to his tenants?

The same questions are applicable to the developers who are forking over funds to build the minimum required 12% subsidized housing -- which now seems to have inched up to 33%, and Campos is talking about 100%.

So, we are not just talking about a free-market issue of just building to bring prices down. We are talking about a significant amount of resources, in ever increasing amounts, going towards propping up subsidized housing.

There is a silver lining, though. As more and more subsidized housing is demanded and built, the value of surrounding property will go down, more affluent residents will move out of the area, and less affluent residents will move in, further depressing prices. Then the area will become a lot more affordable in the natural way.

In closing, we Libertarians are fond of the sound bite "taxation is theft." But we seem to be OK with taxation most of the time.