[sfbarentersfed] $18,000 for a banner and other government waste

The graph in Michael's message below says "banner" (singular), not "banners" (plural), but if you're right that the $18,000 expenditure is actually for dozens of banners Randall, then maybe it's not the outrageous overcharge that it appeared to be at first glance, just run-of-the-mill political stupidity.

  I mean, does anyone really think that hanging up more banners on the street (2 per pole?), giving drivers and pedestrians one more visual distraction to look at, is somehow going to reduce pedestrian injuries/deaths? Maybe the main reaction from drivers will be, "Good, now pedestrians will be more careful!" and the main reaction from pedestrians will be, "Good, now drivers will be more careful!", and the main reaction from printing companies will be, "Good, maybe we can get the government to buy banners from us" for some other feel-good social engineering cause, like telling kids to stay in school, telling people not to eat junk food, or telling people not to sell drugs. Which I'm sure would all be equally effective.

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