[SF SMART Reform] STOP the Board of Supervisors from attempting to negate our amendment

Dear Mayor and Supervisors,

  I agree with the letter below from San Franciscans for Smart Reform, and second their request that you "refuse to approve these agreements unless the Clause terminating concessions by police and fire employees is removed from the agreements." Please do not thwart the desire of the voters for pension reform by allowing police and fire unions to weasel out of sensible efforts to rein in unsustainable local government expenditures!

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))
      Candidate for Supervisor, District 8

P.S. - I request that my communications to the Board, including this letter, be made freely available to members of the media and the public in their entirety, but that if this communication is simply listed by subject as one of numerous communications received by the Board, that its subject be listed as regarding "Union attempts to circumvent the intent of Jeff Adachi's pension reform measure"