SF Public Press publishes statement for my State Assembly candidacy

SF Public Press published a statement for my State Assembly candidacy yesterday:


  Please share and spread it around, especially to folks who live in the district (roughly the eastern half of San Francisco). Unfortunately you do have to scroll through the usual predictable political platitudes* from the Assemblymember in order to get to what I wrote.

  The campaign website is also coming along (and kudos to Jeff Yunes for his work on that):


  What other issues should I add blurbs about? (Be sure to look at what's already there before making suggestions.) Some I'm thinking about adding:

• Transparency
• Juror Rights
• Transhumanism
• Sharing the Planet [environmental issues]
• Gun Control (for government)

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))
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*I'll bet if you compared a bunch of statements by different local politicians out of context on a topic like homelessness, or health care, or whatever, almost nobody in San Francisco would have a clue of who said what. I was once sitting by Rafael Mandelman (D8 supervisor) at a Harvey Milk Club meeting a few years ago as some other pol delivered the usual litany, and whatever his other faults, he does at least have a sense of humor and some capacity to see outside the statist bubble – he leaned over and said to me, "We all sound the same, don't we?" It was funny because it was true.