SF Pride Parade

Hi Everyone,

The SF Pride Parade and Celebration is now just over a week away.

As in recent years, Outright Libertarians is sponsoring the Libertarian presence, but it takes support from members of all the nearby Libertarian Party county organizations to make this event a success. Last year, a non-election year, we had around 500 people take the World's Smallest Political Quiz at our Pride booth, making this one of our largest outreach events each year.

We need volunteers -- you -- to help with the following activities:
  1.. We absolutely require more trained Parade monitors. Without two monitors on Parade day, we can not march in the parade, and there are only four more training sessions (see below). If you get trained (and register with Outright Libertarians), please let me know offline at richard@newell.org. (At the moment we only have one trained monitor according to the Pride committee. I don't know how to say this more strongly... if we don't get at least one more volunteer trained, there will be no Libertarian presence in the Parade!)
  2.. We would love to have you march down Market street with us (Sunday June 25th starting at 9:00). Just show up at the staging area. We will probably be assembling on Beale near Harrison or Bryant, if past years are any indication. The more marchers, the better the LP looks! It would be great if we could outnumber the Greens, for a change.
  3.. We need people to help staff the booth both days (all day Saturday and Sunday the 24th amd 25th). Please let us know your availability by replying to the list. We have been assigned booth C17, which is on the South side of Grove street between Hyde and Larkin; just across Grove from the library (opposite where our booth was the last two years).
Outright Libertarians have been busy filling out the Parade and Exhibitor paperwork, paying the fees, buying the required insurance, lining up the booth structure (thank you EBLP), buying literature, making placards, and etc. Now, we need a good turnout by all the Bay Area Libertarians to make this event a success again this year.

Parade Monitor trainings remaining:
      Thursday June 15 7:00pm The Center, 1800 Market St, Rainbow Room, 2nd Floor, SF Map
      Friday June 16 7:00pm San Francisco AIDS Foundation, 995 Market St, 2nd Floor, SF Map
      Saturday June 17 Noon Metropolitan Community Church of SF, 150 Eureka St, SF Map
      Saturday June 17 3:30pm The Center, 1800 Market St, Room 300, SF, sponsored by the SF Leather Contingent

[Matt, Harland, Kevin, Terry: Would you please forward this message on to your local county lists?]


      G. Richard Newell
      +1 (408) 882-4785 (ph)
        1 (877) 684-4835 (fax)

      Outright Libertarians
      Vice-Chair, Outright Libertarians USA
      Chair, Outright Libertarians of California

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I might be up for being a monitor. Please send me the minimal info I need to make that happen.

-- Steve