SF Pride: featuring Judge Gray?

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Judge Jim Gray, Libertarian candidate for Senate, plans to be in the SF
Pride parade on Sunday, 29 June.

Do you?

We need a big contingent to support him and all our other pro-freedom

We also need trained parade monitors - a minimum of six, but with more,
monitors can trade off and get a chance to participate more fully in the

Yes, Pride is a leftist and tax-subsidized event. But it's also a huge
opportunity to reach out to people who value their sexual freedom. And
with the Democrats turning their backs on the gay community over same-sex
marriage, we have a narrow window to be there, as the Party of Principle,
and remind people that freedom is not about compromise or half-measures.

We will have a booth both Saturday and Sunday at the fair, conducting
Operation Politically Homeless and otherwise seducing the
crowd. (Philosophically!)

Join the parade. It's fun - our contingent has grown every year for the
last few years, but it's still dwarfed by the Greens. Let's fix that this

Contact me if you want to be notified of monitor training opportunities, to
work the booth, or to be in the parade.

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