SF Police Commission meeting Weds. Jan. 13, 530pm

Government meetings like this one are a good chance to advance libertarian views by giving public comment. And now that all the meetings are happening online, it’s easier to do without even leaving home. The Police Commission oversees the SFPD, and meets most Wednesdays:

Wednesday, January 13, 530pm - Police Commission meeting

WATCH: San Francisco Cable Channel 26
WATCH: www.sfgovtv.org
Members of the public may also watch the meeting through Webex at: https://ccsf.webex.com/ccsf/onstage/g.php?MTID=e88d78a1617fc5221b15fecc9a95a1fe0

To listen to the audio or provide Public Comment:

Call-In: 415-655-0001 Access Code 146-768-4167

Link to open session supporting documents: Police Commission - January 13, 2021 - Supporting Documents | Police Commission

A few ideas for comment to make to members of the Police Commission include:

• Asking them to require officers to automatically provide copies of their police reports to accused persons, victims, and witnesses.
• Telling them you want the SFPD to stop arresting or harassing people for victimless “crimes” like drug sales, prostitution, and being on the street.
• Asking them to recommend cutting the SFPD’s budget in accord with the demands of the police abuse reform movement, and transferring responsibility for responding to things like mental health calls out of the hands of the police department

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