SF Police Commission hearing on body cameras TODAY (Weds. 9/2, 530pm, City Hall Rm. 400)

The San Francisco Police Commission meeting today is scheduled to include a report and discussion on body cameras for police officers:


  Most activists concerned with police abuses seem to be cautiously in favor of requiring police officers to wear these cameras, as a way to make them more accountable and cut down on excessive use of force incidents and other abuses. But the devil is in the details, and there are also concerns about giving government one more surveillance tool with which to invade people's privacy.

  I'm likely going to go and speak in favor of ensuring prompt public access (especially for witnesses, victims, and suspects) to police body camera footage, not allowing officers to review footage before writing their reports, making sure that there are strict penalties for officers not having their cameras turned on, footage being "destroyed", "lost", etc., officers needing to ask permission to use the cameras when entering private homes, etc.

  Anybody else want to join me?

  For those who may be coming from outside the city or unfamiliar with the area, SF City Hall is at Polk and McAllister, a couple blocks from Civic Center BART. Be aware there is a 4th Amendment Violation Zone going into the building (you have to walk through a metal detector and bags are subject to warrantless searches).

  Please spread the word to folks concerned with civil liberties and police accountability!

Love & Liberty,
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