SF Police are "off the chain".

While campaigning I dozed off on the Metro.
Officers demanded I exit the train. I stated "its not my stop".
They grab me bending my hand so far back I can barley type, then slung me from the car, crashing my head into the fire extinguisher glass, blood poured. 12 stitches.
At SF General the officers had me placed in the psyche ward, stating I slammed my own head into the glass.
It took me seven hours to convince psyche I was a threat to myself.
The first my attorney Jerry Cimmet said is "everything will be on tape".
The way people are treated is criminal.

DuPree for Mayor '08

Eric Dupree,

I hope you are OK and I'm sorry that you were treated badly by the officers. The officers' behavior is criminal; I hope you sue these thugs and win a large settlement. I avoid government transit systems and all other government agencies because I fear being around government employees; their idea of protecting and serving scares me to death!

All the best,

Donald Fields


  That's horrible... I'm really sorry this happened to you. That gang is a threat to public safety. Did you get any of the officers' names or badge numbers? Witnesses? Better make sure your attorney goes for the tape as soon as possible so MUNI doesn't erase it. Don't forget to file a complaint with the Office of Citizen Complaints. Wouldn't hurt to tell the Police Commission either -- they need to hear these stories. Did the train operator play any part in any of what happened? (e.g. summoning the police)? If so, you should file a complaint against him/her as well. Let us know how we can help.

Love & Liberty,
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