SF Examiner Publishes My LTE On White House Eavesdropping Stories

Dear Everyone;

Jay Ambrose a regular contributing columnist to the SF Examiner had some negative commentary Tuesday about the publishing of the financial record scanning by the White House. I wrote a riposte and the SF Examiner published.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

Letters: July 6, 2006
The Examiner
Jul 6, 2006
Government monitoring
Jay Ambrose states newspapers are irresponsibly publishing stories on bank transaction scanning by the government (“Why revealing White House anti-terror measures is wrong,” July 4). He claims bank record scanning to stop terrorists is like the FBI catching bank robbers. Ambrose should include stories on NSA eavesdropping and the Guantánamo Bay military tribunals as more newspaper irresponsibility.

Ambrose ignores the White House as the ultimate irresponsible party. The White House sidesteps congressional and judiciary oversight as it gets in the way. The White House claims that executive power and privilege trumps the separation of powers as mandated in the Constitution because we are at war against terrorism. The White House issues “signing statements” indicating that, when enacted, laws will be upheld by the White House.

Ambrose concludes the greatest threat to the American civilization is terrorists with weapons of mass destruction. The actual biggest threat to the American civilization is a shredded U.S. Constitution.

Ron Getty
The City