SF Examiner Publishes My Healthcare LTE With Affiliation

Dear Everyone;

Merry Christmas to all of you celebrating the Holiday.

The SF Examiner had a Holiday treat for me. Last Friday they published a Viewpoint article on healthcare and its cost factors. I used the opportunity to point out how Government was the enemy of low cost healthcare based on legislation it passed namely Medicare and Medicaid and the HMO legislation and protective anti-competitive licensing for medical care providers and schools. The SF Examiner agreed and published with affiliation.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian


Letters: December 25, 2006
The Examiner

The health care mess
Viewpoints writer John Graham doesn’t address who caused health care to become expensive [“Mandatory health care won’t work,” Dec. 12-22]. In 1965, Medicare and Medicaid were created by politicians and mongrelized by bureaucrats imposed massive administrative regulations on hospitals and doctors — including a no-turn-away policy for emergency rooms. Medical expenses were further exacerbated by the federal HMO legislation of 1973, which mandated employers to offer HMO to their employees.
Government meddling in health care is the cause of the health care crisis and its spiraling costs to businesses and consumers. Get the state and federal government and their regulations out of health care. Repeal Medicare and Medicaid and all of its regulations. Open up competition for health care providers by repealing AMA protective anti-competitive legislation mandating AMA approved courses and medical schools.
Health insurance mandated by the state only makes politicians look like they are doing something about health care but they aren’t solving the crisis of health care.
Ron Getty
Chair, Initiatives Committee
Libertarian Party of San Francisco
The City