SF Examiner Publishes My Anti-Redevelopemnt LTE With Libertarian Affiliation

Dear Everyone;
  The SF Examiner had an article about the pre-liminary approval of the Bayview/Hunters Point Redevelopment Agency project. I wrote an anti-approval LTE and the SF Examiner published it with Libertarian affiliation.
  Ron Getty
  SF Libertarian
  Bayview redevelopment:
  The Board of Supervisors� preliminary approval for a 30-year, $188 million Redevelopment Agency program to revitalize the Bayview-Hunters Point is another example of the agency again taking property taxes from residents and re-directing the money �for their own good.�
  The Redevelopment Agency has a checkered history. The Fillmore District project still has swaths of bare land awaiting revitalization. The former residents driven from a vibrant neighborhood have still not recovered.
  Redevelopment Agency officials are telling Bayview-Hunters Point community groups about the good that will happen. The biggest talking point will be the �carrot-on-a-stick� temptation of jobs.
  The real jobs will be for people employed at the Redevelopment Agency and its approved contract vendors. Token local construction jobs will be created only after a ruckus is raised about the hiring problems with vendors.
  This is another taxpayer-funded Redevelopment Agency boondoggle.
  Ron Getty
  Libertarian Party
  The City

Great letter, Ron. As an issue on which most of our allies can be found among the left-leaning SF majority, the anti-redevelopment message is an important one to be putting out there.

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