SF Continues Its War On Commuters

The latest news from the Chronicle:


Speaking as a commuter who isn't desperate enough to stop saving and plow every dime of my cash into expensive SF apartment rentals, and who as an early-30-something adult doesn't feel like living with two or three roommates, I must say I am tiring of these schemes.

First, I already pay TREMENDOUS amounts of money to the local city -- I park in a city garage, where all my cash goes straight to the general fund. In addition, on top of that, I pay a 25% "parking tax" for a Muni system that offers me no use whatsoever (as I live outside of the city).

The continual escalation of taxes, fees, and hostile planning towards those of us who live outside the city will only accelerate investment decisions to relocate out of the city (one of my major clients just moved their corporate HQ across the bay). It also is taking aim at the massive legion of San Franciscans who live in the city but commute to jobs outside of the city by car.

In short, SF residents -- including those who wouldn't be affected by these sorts of fees -- should take a stand against them. These tax hikes will hurt their neighbors, their employers, and will ensure that San Francisco's painful decline continues unabated.