SF City Hall hearing on Strip Clubs today (Wednesday) 3-5pm, Rm. 408

This should be an interesting hearing, as it promises to pit adult club owners against dancers who work at the clubs. Both sides have legitimate libertarian concerns and grievances and both represent natural libertarian constituencies, yet at the same time both are also seeking legal cover to engage in some very unlibertarian practices.

  The clubs should be allowed to have private booths, and to have dancers working as independent contractors, but it should be easier to open a strip club so that there is adequate competition to ensure decent working conditions, and prostitution should be legal, so that no one would be forced into it covertly against her will.

  Anyone care to join me at City Hall this afternoon to offer these and similar libertarian solutions? If nothing else, it should be good fun to watch Chris Daly twist in the wind between the club owner allies whose legislation he is carrying and the workers to whom he will no doubt feel ideologically sympathetic. 8)

Yours in liberty,
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