SF Chronicle Article?

Starchild and I attended the SF Police Commission Hearing this evening to testify against proposed police camera surveillance in the city.

I spoke early in the process with mostly advocates of growing the police state speaking before and after me. They were out in force. It was painful to hear them recommend swapping my liberty for their false security, so I left soon after delivering my two-minute polemic.

After my impassioned statement predicting the slippery slope of police camera surveillance failures being used as an excuse for their proliferation, terminating in a chilling 1984-like tyranny, a SF Chronicle reporter approached me, complemented me on my statement, and took down my name. His article will appear in Thursday's Metro section, should a decision on this be reached before his deadline.

If the decision is based on the size of the anti-liberty turnout, we've lost. The only solution I see is relocation to New Hampshire before cameras are forced into our bedrooms for the purpose of making SF safe.

Best, Michael