SF Bay Guardian Publishes My Anti-Tax LTE With Affiliation

Dear All,
In last weeks SF Bay Guardian everybody's favorite alternative left-wing liberal weekly the editor Tim Redmond in his editors column supported Obma and his tax the wealthy plans. I of course wrote a riposte about how you could really help people keep more of their paychecks. The SF Bay Guardian agreed and published with affiliation.
BTW: Tim Redmond is not really a naive naif but I had to get his attentionand it worked.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Tim Redmond is a naïve naïf for supporting Barack Obama's tax cut plan ["Editor's Notes," 8/27/08]. If we do the following, people will get to keep more of their income instead of having the government robbing it from their paychecks.
Exempt everyone earning below the Federal Poverty Guidelines from income and payroll taxes. Reduce the budgets of the alphabet federal agencies by 10 percent. Bring home the 300,000 troops manning the 175 US bases worldwide. Immediately end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Cut the capital gains tax to 5 percent of each transaction. Repeal the inheritance tax. Give everyone earning above the poverty guidelines a flat deduction of $10,000, then tax 10 percent of the difference. Repeal all federal corporate-warfare-welfare programs, wage, and employment laws.
You would turn around the US economy by cutting taxes, spending, and government bureaucracy. Get the 500 lb. government monkey off our backs and out of our paychecks.
Ron Getty
Chair Initiatives Committee
Libertarian Party of San Francisco