SF Arts Commission survey

Here's a chance to weigh in on the city Arts Commission's activities, including being able to rank government legislation and funding as low priorities.

  There's also space to include your own comments. Here's what I wrote:

"Compare San Francisco with Black Rock City (the temporary city formed by Burning Man participants each year). BRC is free-wheeling, dynamic, artistic, entrepreneurial (in an artistic rather than financial sense of the word). SF is hidebound, static, bureaucratic, and resistant to innovation and change. City agencies like Rec and Park and the Police Department are hostile to public festivals and other artistic endeavors that nourish the artistic community and act as bloodsuckers leeching precious funds in the form of permit and other fees."

  The email below has a link to the survey. Responses are due no later than July 5! (You don't have to live in San Francisco to take the survey and help give the taxpayers here a break, although responses from folks who do identify as living in SF will presumably be given more consideration.)

Love & Liberty,
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