Sex Workers & N.O.W.

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  Based on what I've heard from sex workers who are involved with this group or outreach to them, NOW is very split on the issue of sex work. I think they may be somewhat better now (no pun intended!) than in the past, but there is an ongoing effort to get them to really be fully supportive. I believe sometime in the recent past (last year?) there was an effort by some advocates to get women to join NOW to influence them to adopt a particular sex-work-friendly resolution, but I don't recall the details. I think Stacey Swimme of the Desiree Alliance was involved or would know more about it, if you wish to contact her: staceyswimme@... .

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According to a CBS Channel 5 video news clip dated May 16, 2007, San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks and Undersheriff Carlos Solanos were busted in Las Vegas in an illegal, unlicensed brothel during a Federal sting titled, "Operation Dollhouse." All employees of the brothel, including 25 undocumented women, were arrested and charged with crimes, some face deportation; Munks and Solano, however, were not arrested and were not charged with a crime. Munk, Solano and 54 other San Mateo County employees illegally used government vehicles to travel to Las Vegas and charged transportation costs to San Mateo County. Transportation for the trip cost taxpayers approximately $10,000. Records show that a similar trip was taken the previous year with transportation costs totaling $16,000. Sheriff Munks insists he did nothing illegal and was in the brothel seeking a non-sexual massage. Las Vegas police and San Mateo police departments refused to comment on the bust.

Click the following link to watch the CBS Channel 5 video news clip:

I can imagine, that if San Mateo County can prove to the public that ethanol, hybrids, carbon-offsets and sustainable growth, fair-trade, bio-degradable condoms and non-petroleum based lube were used by Munks and Solano, all will be forgiven. The video shows that the 25 women caught in the sting were wearing gender-specific clothing and accessories (skirts, bikinis, high heels, and make-up), hopefully "justice" will give them the slammer for violating Bay Area Marxist Feminist sensibilities.

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