Series of tweets I just posted on fake abortion clinics (@StarchildSF)

Talking about #abortion, #Libertarians often note that while most of us are #ProChoice and support #AbortionRights, no one who believes the procedure immoral should be forced to help fund it. #Forcing you to #subsidize things that #violate your #values is unethical. 1/6


But while #controversial <> #abortion <> #subsidies <> are much discussed, it's less well known that #taxpayer <> money has gone to “#FakeClinics <>” which do NOT provide abortions, but seek to persuade or scare #women <> out of terminating #pregnancy <>. A few stories: 2/6 <>
CPCs Lie - We Are UltraViolet <>
These people who unknowingly visited a Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC). Instead of getting proper medical care from medical  <>

Often called by names like #PregnancyResourceCenter, there were around 3000 such anti-abortion “clinics” nationwide BEFORE the #SuperemeCourt’s recent #Dobbs decision, compared to about 800 legitimate abortion providers (some of which are now being forced to close). 3/6

Run by #AntiAbortion <> activists and offering few if any actual #MedicalServices <>, the #FakeClinics <> typically describe #abortion <> procedures in gruesome detail, play up risks, and try to steer women toward other options. They may not identify as anti-abortion on their websites. 4/6

#FakeClinics have existed since 1967 according to
@UltraViolet, but – unlike real abortion clinics, which AREN’T eligible for #federal funds – many get grants to provide “#AbstinenceOnlyEducation”, for which the paper blames #BillClinton 5/6
Not Your Parents’ Abortion Crisis
by Kate After the leaked supreme kkkourt tentative ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, I went to a demonstration in Seattle, where I live. On the way home, I sat on the train next to several women a li…

In #Texas <> alone, according to a website dedicated to exposing them, #FakeAbortionClinics <> have received an estimated $170 million in #taxpayer <> funds since 2016. Sometimes money intended to fund #FoodStamps <> has even been diverted to them. 6/6 <>
Expose Fake Clinics
Expose Fake Clinics shares the deceptive practices of fake reproductive health centers, and invites people to take action to protect pregnant folks from harmful deception.