Senator Wants to Deny Firearms To People On Terrorist Watch List

Dear All;

A US Senator wants to stop people who
are on the "terrorist watch list" from being
able to buy firearms. With 1 million on
the list his proposal is extremely dubious
since the Inspector General notified the FBI
who maintains the list that there are some
24,000 on the list who shouldn't be on the

The terrorist watch list has included
US Senator Ted Kennedy and at various
times various US Congresspersons and 4
year old children and has led to Al Gore
and Dan Quayle and George McGovern
being given advanced TSA searches at airports.

His attempt to do this is just another end run
around allowing people to buy firearms for
the personal protection of themselves and
their families. It would be so simple to just
put people on the "terrorist watch list " using
trumped up or false flag issues just so they
could be denied the right to purchase
firearms for personal protection.

It's just more of the Obamunista Change Movement
from Moskva On The Potomac further turning Amerika
into the USSA (United Socialist States of Amerika).

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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I doubt this will pass. From what I've seen so far, the 2nd Amendment is a lot safer with the Democrats than the fake conservatives. The last gun control bills were beaten down by insurgents with the Democrat-controlled Congress. It's about like the scare in 1999 when there was a move to ban gun shows: while Lott and Hastert and the rest of the GOP leadership were doing photo-ops with Clinton, House Democrats were forming bipartisan coalitions to stop it. Obama has said he won't renew the assault-weapons ban---the same ban overwhelmingly approved by a Republican Congress in 1996.

And let's not forget the Brady Bill---proposed by Bush Sr in 1992. Bush Sr. also issued an Executive Order forbidding military personnel to keep firearms captured on the battlefield. His supposedly pro-2nd Amendment offspring never repealed this act. In fact, Junior did nothing in 8 years to strengthen the 2nd Amendment.