Senator Guillory of Louisiana: worth listening

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It is not often that a politician says anything at all with which I agree. However, Senator Elbert Guillory of Louisiana recently broke the mold for me. Beautiful speech on facts that have been totally obvious to libertarians, but hidden or ignored by progressives -- mostly enslavement perpetrated by big government. The Senator is speaking specifically of African-Americans, but his analogy can easily be extended to a big swath of population of all colors. The good Senator would have changed to Libertarian instead of to Republican if this were not a "two party system."

This is a link to the website "Town Hall," but if the link does not work for you just Google the Senator's name; there is a lot of information on his recent switching from Democrat to Republican


Thanks. I just spoke with Tammy, his assistant, about his participation in Baton Rouge events in support of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. It's too bad the Libertarian Party is shamefully silent on this, but I'm sure I can make excuses for us here, especially when we are reaching out across the country, LP not withstanding.


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LPSF is not silent on Manning. We have an article on our website
re: Pride's peculiar negativity and Manning's contribution to the awakening of the people's right to know.


I was speaking of National and some states, from recent disappointing conversations. Of course SF is not silent.
Too bad we need to make excuses for our association with those who are.
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Hi Marcy! Thanks for finding this one. I never heard of this guy before, but he certainly sounds very libertarian to me. Yes, too bad, he's a small "l" instead of "L." After what they did to Ron Paul, though, I don't quite share the Senator's enthusiasm for the Republican Party. But it is a really nice speech.



  I'd like national to be more engaged on issues like Bradley Manning too. If you care to write a note about it, I'll pass it along to the LNC if you want.

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