Senate Bill 665: tightens requirements on who may submit

I thought you should know about this because it looks likely to Pass:

This is a good law, but it means the LPSF should get its ducks in a row to meet the requirements if it hasn't. This is actually good because it puts LPSF and the State Libertarian party ahead of some phony citizens groups for submitting ballot measures (especially the State ballot guide).
The sponsor is Senator Moorlach of Orange County who is a major public pension and bond financing reform advocate, so please don't attack him or his bill.

Thank you!

I doubt that as an affiliate of a state party the LPSF has an article of incorporation. Here is the new bill requirement for the record.

This bill provides that in order to enable a city or county elections official (as applicable) to determine whether it qualifies as a bona fide association of citizens, an organization or association submitting an argument for or against a county measure shall submit with its argument a copy of one of the following:

1) Its articles of incorporation.

2) Letterhead containing the name of the organization and its principal officers.

3) If the organization or association is a primarily formed committee established to support or oppose the measure, its statement of organization.

I am forwarding this to the LPSF chair. Maybe he can write to the state party for suggestions.

Thanks again,