See "Your Money At Work" With the Obama Millstone Package

Dear All;

With the signing of the Obama Millstone
Stimulus package you can now see

"Your Money At Work" ( Yes that's the title) at

The site purportedly will show you with
FULL transparency exactly how YOUR
money is being spent.

Good Luck with that.

This pdf is for a breakdown by congressional
district of the est. number of jobs created
by the Obama Millstone Stimulus package. [www_whitehouse_gov]

Have any of you ever seen a train wreck happen?

Guess what? You are seeing one happening right
now with the Oabama Millstone Stimulus package.

Remember the old school house earthquake
or tornado drills to: Duck and Cover. After
doing that then bend your head up back
between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye. :slight_smile:

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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