Second Life - Yes, there is an organized libertarian presence (small, so far)

Now that I have my computer upgrade, I finally took the plunge and entered the world and created an avatar.

  When I did a search for "libertarian" under groups, five came up:

Heinleiners (46 members) (Robert Heinlein fans)
Libertarians of Second Life (47 members) (Suezanne founded this one)
Cypherpunk (10 members)
Ron Paul for President (46 members)
Gimme Liberty (39 member) (this one associated with an SL establishment called the Gimme Liberty bar)

  Still figuring out how all this works. Only Suezanne's group had a readily visible link to actual posts. Surprisingly, of the few posts on the list, many seem to be just about conventional libertarian stuff rather than the unique libertarian possibilities of the SL world, but here's a link to a thread where libertarians have posted some thoughts about the world...

  Hopefully Suezanne will weigh in here directly and provide some more details.

Love & liberty,
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