Seating for Ron Paul Rally at UC Berkeley ALMOST FULL!

Dear Friend of Freedom,

Students for Liberty and Youth for Ron Paul are ecstatic at the response
we've received to Congressman Ron Paul's upcoming visit! Within two days of
announcing the event, we are almost out of early seating vouchers already.

Please note that this means there will likely not be much room for general
admission without a voucher. So, if you want to see Dr. Paul on campus next
week, we strongly encourage you to secure your seat now by getting your
voucher at the following link:

Seating will begin at 6 PM for those with a voucher and open to the general
public at 6:30 PM— if there is any room left! So, get your voucher, arrive
early, and get excited to see perhaps the strongest advocate for individual
liberty alive today!

Also, be sure to RSVP to the Facebook event and invite your friends at the
following link:

See You Thursday,

Casey Given

Founder, Students for Liberty, UC Berkeley