Sean Haugh on LPC behavior

According to Steve Trinward, another Libertarian National Committee member, it's really more like $1000 a year. Staying in less expensive accommodations and getting someone to pick you up from the airport rather than renting a car. The LNC usually meets quarterly. I suspect that Aaron Starr deliberately talked up the $5000 figure right before the vote for LNC reps to dissuade potential competition from running. It may have worked in my case; I was still mulling it over when they closed nominations, so I only ended up only running for alternate.

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It's just the cost of the travel, not the days off from work. I rarely use up my vacation days each year and usually have to take them in December, since only a fraction are allowed to carry over. I think there were several of us in that situation who couldn't spare an extra $5K a year for airfare, hotel, etc. to attend these meetings.

> Nope, not worth reading. Nothing I didn't already feel about Starr
> and Carling. I still don't have time to run against either of them.
> Sean is right that their shenanigans are bringing shame on the whole
> state party, but that doesn't change the fact that they're the only
> two who apparently have the personal financial means to take those
> LNC positions.

Is the financial barrier just a matter of current requirement of having
to travel to several meetings each year?

-- Steve

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