[Sdlibchat] New law could be used to ban protesters from riding mass transit in California - Call BART and ask them to clarify they will NOT be blacklisting protesters!

Another anti-free-speech outrage in the making (see in particular the material highlighted in the article below)! I can just see them using this as a justification for requiring ID in the future to get on BART or other public transit (you know, just to make sure banned people aren't using the system).

  BART president Tom Radulovich is quoted in support of this bad legislation AB 716 from Tom Ammiano (who is sometimes on the right side of civil liberties issues, but apparently not in this case!) You can call BART customer services and leave a message at (510) 464-7123. Tell them you want BART to make it clear the agency will NOT be blacklisting people for political "crimes" or trying to prevent protesters from riding BART! I just did.

  Thanks Mark, for another important forward. I hope Libertarians across California will contact their local transit agencies and speak out about this latest police-state-enabling measure.

Love & Liberty,
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