Scott Weiner event in my neighborhood tomorrow

3526 Cabrillo St at 3PM. That's around 36th Avenue.

I'm planning to go. Any info you can give me in advance would be useful. I've only been loosely following him.



  Scott Wiener is a policy wonk type, very smart, politically savvy, hard worker. For a politician, he's relatively unafraid to wade into policy debates. If you can think of some good white paper or other wonkish and generally pro-freedom material to bring along that pertains to some local hot issue, and give it to him to read, he might actually read it. (Even if it doesn't change his mind, it could help him avoid spending that time doing something else less constructive!) Prior to being elected, and then reelected, as District 8 supervisor (I ran against him the first time, in 2010), Wiener was chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party, and a deputy city attorney. He is seen as a "moderate" on the board (i.e. in the more-conservative-by-SF-standards mayor Lee camp), often taking the pro-economic-freedom side (as much as such can be found in SF supervisorial debates) on issues such as housing and development and business, but has a disturbing tendency to champion authoritarian or nanny state crusades such as criminalizing sitting on the sidewalk, criminalizing nudity, taxing soda, criminalizing people who use the parks at night, etc. Good luck!

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Perfect.....thank you.