Scott Lieberman says San Francisco is still in running for nat conv

Scott Lieberman said on the phone to me today that Kevin Takenaga has known for months that San Francisco is one of the 3 sites under consideration for the 2012 national convention. Scott says he is surprised that Kevin didn't communicate to us San Francisco Libertarians about it.

Scott says Dallas Libertarians have presented a list of 15 volunteers who say they would help with the national convention chores, like sitting at a registration table, guarding the banquet doors so that only ticket holders get in, etc.

The decision will be made by the national committee in its New Orleans meeting on Nov. 20. He says if any San Francisco area Libertarians wants to communicate a willingness to volunteer to help out at the national convention, that person should e-mail Scott at

Scott says his personal opinion is
that Las Vegas is best, and San Francisco is 2nd best, and Dallas is his last choice. He says this is based strictly on objective aspects of the hotel's costs to people who stay there. I said Las Vegas is a bad choice because it seems to favor Wayne Allyn Root, but he said there are several Texas Libertarians seeking the presidential nomination also.


I recommend adding to the agenda a discussion of the LP convention in
SF. : Do we wish to have it in SF? If so, how could we make it happen
(in addition to volunteering)?

Warm regards, Michael

BTW, everyone, I heard that the convention locations were limited for some
reason to Hyatt hotels, and the one that was looked at for the SF convention
is the Hyatt near SFO, not the Hyatts at Embarcadero or near Chinatown.