Save The Date (September 27)

Hi All. Just heard the good news yesterday that we will be having a regional (not Plan Bay Area!) mini-Libertarian convention on Saturday, September 27 at the Englander Sports Pub in San Leandro. The time is not set yet, but it will be a big chunk of the day. The LPSF has talked about having something like this for the last few years to get all our local LP chapters working together to help each other with our individual projects rather than doing it alone, but there wasn't much interest from the other chapters. However, Kevin Duewel, the fireball from San Mateo County who has now moved back to the Sacramento area and is now trying to fix the state party, has managed to organize this mini-convention, which could be a boom to us all. We already have firm commitments from several of the other counties to attend our mini-convention. I will announce further details as I get them. Please plan to attend, if you can.