[Save Cannabis] Re: CALCBC: Medical Marijuana Regulation Bills Advance in CA Legislature

Is there anything significantly positive in either Lou Correa's SB 1262 or Tom Ammiano's AB 1894? All I see in NORML's press release below is talk about more regulation and control. If so, what do we really gain? After all, medical marijuana is already legal under Prop. 215.

  Would people be *guaranteed* more freedom to grow, sell, and distribute cannabis for medical use in parts of California where local county or city authorities have been hostile to such freedoms, or is there only the *possibility* of increased freedom if the Alcoholic Beverages Commission or whoever makes good decisions? How, specifically, do these bills move the ball forward, and do they do so enough to make the negatives of increased regulation and control worth it?

  I realize the bills are linked below to read and form our own opinions about, but I'm curious to hear what those who've been following the legislation have to say in its defense, if anything. Or are SB 1262 and AB 1894 still bad even with some of their worst elements removed?

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))