Savage: My predictions about the Boston bombing have come true

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'My predictions about the Boston bombing have come true'
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In today's issue: Dr. Savage noticed that President Obama’s address to the nation after the terror attack on the Boston Marathon sounded virtually identical to his speech after the Benghazi massacre.

Dr. Savage also pointed out that, as he’d predicted, the "Saudi national" mentioned in connection with the Boston bombings has been released.

"Obama promised that ‘justice would be done’ after Benghazi, too, and justice has not been done," Michael Savage reminded his listeners, adding:

In fact, the only witnesses either disappeared from Libya or died under mysterious circumstances.

I don't think we will ever find out who conducted the Boston massacre, either, because the government doesn't want you to know.

There was a Saudi national in the hospital, guarded by cops with machine guns, but he is no longer a "person of interest," the authorities are now saying.

Remember what I predicted right after the bombing?

I predicted that they'd release this Saudi "person of interest" and say that anyone who thinks he played a part in the attack is just a racist.

That's exactly what happened. I'm the man who knows too much.

The government knows a Saudi suspect isn't good for their gun-grabbing, pro-amnesty agenda, so they let him go.

They figure they'll pin the crime on some "cracker" a few months from now.
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