Sat. Meeting Take-Home Message

The point made by Charles was insightful and prescriptive: don't invite new attendees to the business segment, invite them to a structured issues discussion.

Warm regards, Michael

Or at least we ought to let them know the nature of the "business" segment.
Perhaps we ought to rename it "the activists' meeting". After all the major
purpose of the meeting is not to discuss libertarian philosophy or to bewail the
state of liberty, but to discuss concrete actions to do something about it. I am
not particularly interested in having speakers to drone on about theory.

I am on the Board of a condo association. Lots of members want to see things
done, but they balk at actually doing something themselves, such as, serving on
the Board or a Committee or making up a list of specific actions to be taken. I
know a fair number of people who are libertarian leaning (most are Republicans),
but (1) they do not want to join a third party because "it doesnt stand a chance
of being elected" and (2) they never do anything in the Repub party either
except vote and make donations,

Personally I think that in SF it is going to be difficult to find people to be
more activist. This is a very liberal town and it is becoming more so as time
goes on. Most people here are in favor of more government, not less. Many I talk
to are upset that government actions favor the rich and the corporations; they
are not opposed to government action per se (especially when they are the
beneficiaries of the action).


I agree. Maybe core activists can focus on "doing," and hope that non-active lovers of liberty will support the activists's work with their memberships and donations. Maybe occasionally, when there is not much on the agenda we could have a speaker/discussion type of meeting to meet and greet folks.

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