Santa Monica Daily Press and Sacramento Union Publish My op-ed " Vicitmized Again"

Dear Everyone;

As a contributing rotating writer for the California Perspective of the California Libertarian Party I wrote an op-ed "Victimized Again ". Two papers picked it up and published with reference back to the California Libertarian Party. Every victory counts when it presents a different perspective on how to go about solving problems - The Libertarian Way.

Chalk up two more for the California Perspective and the LPCA. A small note: while the article could have said a whole lot more - newspaper editorial space is at a premium and you have to cut to the bare bones to get it published - preferably 700 words or less. But I'll take the victory of publication even with limited words.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

The Santa Monica Daily Press published "Victimized Again" in their April 30th edition. You'll find it in the HTML version down on page 5."+Ron+Getty+"&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=28&gl=us

The Sacramento Union in their May 18 edition on page 6 published "Victimized Again ""+Ron+Getty+"&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=42&gl=us

Terrific, Ron. Thanks and congratulations.