San Francisco Ballot Measures For Nov. 3

Dear All;

There are the 4 ballot measures to be considered for the Nov. 3, 2009 ballot. They are listed below and as attachment. All of the various tax and bond issues were not placed on the ballot. For once wiser minds prevailed and all such initiaitives were left off - for now - at least - so far. But could be included on next years ballots.

Ron Getty
Vice Chair
Chair Initiatives Committee


Ordinance: Mid-Market Special Sign District

Mid-Market Special Sign District -Title & Summary (PDF)

To allow ads to be placed to generate revenue for upgrading this area so it won't look so blighted. I am inclined to vote yes.

Ordinance: Advertisements on City Property

Advertisements on City Property - Final Approved Digest (PDF)

Advertisements on City Property - Controller's Analysis (PDF)

Restricting ads placed on city property where Muni would stand to lose some $15 million from lost revenue on kisks and buses and bus shelters. I am inclined to vote no.

Charter Amendment: Board of Supervisors Aides

Board of Supervisors Aides - Final Approved Digest (PDF)

Board of Supervisors Aides - Controller's Analysis (PDF)

Allowing supervisors to have more aides than the two they have now.The claim is the budget process will restrict the number of aides by not providing the funds needed to hire more than two. In whih case if true then you do not need the ordinance just don't fund new aides. I am inclined to vote no.

Charter Amendment: Budget Process

Budget Process - Final Approved Digest (PDF)

Budget Process - Controller's Analysis (PDF)

A concept of stretching the time lines for the budget to have a two year rolling budget for all departments and a 5 year fianancial plan within which to work the rolling two year plans. On this one I am still trying to figure out what are the intended consequences and the unintended consequences.

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