San Diego college student arrested by DEA, held in isolation 4 days with no food/water

Coincidentally just as I was forwarding this, the story came on the TV news, so I'm guessing it's getting a lot of publicity. (I don't watch broadcast TV at home, but am in a hotel room and so I had it on). They said on the TV news (CNN, I think) that the DEA has apologized, and made some reference to $20 million, probably the amount he's suing for. He was apparently celebrating the 4/20 holiday at a party. The Reason magazine blog post below says it was also reported by the San Diego Union Tribune that there was a large amount of MDMA ("ecstasy") at the party, but says that before his ordeal, student Daniel Chong was questioned and told he could go home, and that he was not charged with anything. It would be nice if this story brings some improvement in how arrestees are treated or embarrasses the Obama administration into letting up on its anti-marijuana crackdown.

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