Sam Sloan vs. Maria Childress, USDC

*Dear Maria Childress,*

*I do not accept your conclusion that there are less than one thousand
verifiable signatures of registered voters on my petitions. The women who
collected these signatures state that 1,229 people signed. They say that
even if some of the signatures were not good or not verifiable, there are
still more than one thousand that are good.*

*There was a problem with the address. This was an old slave plantation at
1018 Orchard Street. When they got their freedom, the slaves continued to
live on the same land. Disputes have arisen as to who actually owns the
land. As you know, Thomas Jefferson was the biggest landowner in the area.
I wrote a book about this, “The Slave Children of Thomas Jefferson”, but I
do not know who owns or has the right to own the land.*

*In any case, I was living there for the last one year and I was registered
to vote from that address.*

*When the people living there started accusing each other of stealing their
mail, I was caught in the middle. I had to move away from there. I rented
an apartment. The new address is *

*Samuel H. Sloan*

*18 West Princeton Circle*

*Apt. 38*

*Lynchburg VA 24503*

*I paid $10,900 or one years rent in advance for rent at this address.*

*I believe that I am clearly entitled to be on the primary ballot as I have
met all the requirements.*

*I spoke today with Ellen Flory, Elections Administrator / Project Manager
of the Virginia Department of Elections.*

*She informs me that you have until 11:59 or Midnight tonight to certify
candidates for the Democratic Party primary election.*

*I am hereby informing you that if you do not certify me as a candidate by
Midnight tonight, I shall file a federal lawsuit against you and other
Virginia and Democratic Party election officials. I shall be filing this
suit in the United States District Court in Richmond VA, not only on the
grounds of failing to certify me as a candidate but on the grounds of
pervasive discrimination against Black people. I filed a similar case in
the Virginia Supreme Court in the middle of this year. That court failed to
act on my petition, so this issue is ripe for judicial review by the United
States District Courts. The name of the case I will file will be Samuel H.
Sloan vs. Maria Childress et all.*

*Frankly I feel that I will win this case easily, as the law is clearly on
my side on these issues.*

*Very Truly Yours,*

*Sam Sloan*