Sam Sloan is a Candidate for US Congress from the 15th Congressional District of New York

Right. I am on the ballot as a Democrat.

There are no Republican candidates, so whomever wins the primary election
on June 24 will be elected unopposed to Congress.

Sam Sloan

Please note: I must be careful.

If I go hog wild, it will lead to sure defeat.

I had better try to get elected first and then I will be free to put forth
my views.

For example, as I am sure you can figure out, I oppose any further
extensions of unemployment insurance. However, when I try that out on the
voters here, they say that we must do something to help those poor
unemployed people. They simply do not understand the real issue.

Similarly, going down the list and remembering I must be careful because
the general public has access to this list, all I need to do to win is be a
little less to the left than my opponent is. He is to very, very far left,
as far left as they come. His support for Hugo Chavez, President of
Venezuela, is just one example.

Also, my opponent, Jose Serrano, is the only Puerto Rican member of US
Congress. This is the only one of three districts in the US where Spanish
speakers are in the majority.

Nobody has even run against Serrano in more than a decade and he is
considered unbeatable. This is the reason why nobody but me is running
against him. If I want to have any chance to win I must be careful and not

Thank you again for your remarks.

Sam Sloan

Great News: The Hearing before the Board of Elections on April 24, 2014 is
available on

The hearing with regard to my particular case start at 3:35 after the start
of the hearing.

Sam Sloan