Sam Sloan for President in 2016 is interviewed on youtube

Sam Sloan for President in 2016

I would appreciate any comments and criticisms

A few general thoughts Sam, for what you may think they're worth (not specific to your interview)...

(1) Don't be an apologist for Hilary Clinton, she's terrible!
(2) Don't be disingenuous -- tell the public your real (libertarian) beliefs
(3) Without compromising your commitment to freedom, focus on issues that will appeal to people on the left, and make it clear how you are more compassionate than Clinton, Sanders, O'Malley, etc.
(4) Use your position as a Democrat to criticize the Democratic Party and the two-party establishment cartel (kind of as Rand Paul does vis-a-vis the Republican Party, but hopefully in more anti-establishment terms)
(5) Speak out against the closed presidential debates and media coverage that favors big-name candidates and those with lots of money

Love & Liberty,
                              ((( starchild )))

Do you want me to mention the L-word ?
That will get me banned for sure.
If I can just get 1% in the polls that gets me into the debates.
I scored 9% of the vote when I ran against a popular 20 year incumbent.