Salon today

Here are the details of the salon



     I want to take advantage of this great place of Kalish's while I
have the chance and we'll have Salon here today and next friday

128 Lundys ... Out Mission past 29th to Virginia (across from Safeway)

               up Virginia 2 blocks to Lundys ... left on Lundys

               phone here is 970-8919

               1pm til whenever (last week it ran til 11pm)

               Bring booze and a lunch or scavenge

               This place is beautiful ... show up if you haven't.

Hectic times ... Angela battles away in Fresno ... Luke is back from
Rome with tales as is Salomon from So. Africa ... Krissy's campaign for
Kongress is adding dimensions daily ... Somsel's new web project is a
huge success ... Marc Powell has architectural plans for his new Geek
Bed n'

Breakfast ... Kalish has 2 more weeks in the South Seas

Come today & stay late,