{Salon Liberty} You Are Guilty - Face Your Penalty

Dear Starchild;

Good analogy - the government as the robber has of course been used before forcibly taking our earnings and using them for masss murder and so on - except for Congressperson Ron PAul and one or two others no one in COngress attempts to stop the robbers and the use of the stolen tax money for war-mongering.

So as one of the collective guilty parties what would you prefer for "your war crimes" sentence? Firing squad - death by hanging or life at hard labor in a FEMA Arbeit Macht Frei concentration camp?

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

I suspect you've been robbed in your life before the war in Iraq started, so you first -- firing squad or concentration camp? If you haven't been personally robbed, tell me instead about a close friend or relative who has, and what punishment you want them to face.

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