Russo on Howard Stern

Just heard Russo on Howard Stern at about 730 AM (PST).

Howard kept repeating he's voting for Kerry. By the end of the
interview, he said: "Well, I'll think about it." About five minutes
after the interview ended, Howard and Robin were discussing Bush's
sullied past, and Howard said: "That's it, I'm voting for Kerry."

The brief interview with Russo included Howard and his sidekicks
asking Aaron these questions:
"Why should I vote for you?"
"Did you cheat on your wife?"
"Did you have sex with Bette Midler?"
"How was it?"
"What made the sex so good?"
"Did Heraldo have sex with Midler before or after you?"
"Why did you and Bette break up?"
"Were you abusive to her, as one book reported?"

Russo handled all these questions calmly and good-naturedly.

Best, Michael