Rush In a Hurry - August 20, 2007

Best Beans + Cleanest Water =
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On Today's Show:
Check out Rush's latest hilarious skit for the 1/2 Hour News Hour. (Video)
In Norway, 20% of criminals don't show up for their prison sentence. Apparently, that's not against the law over there.
Some carrots have been recalled, reinforcing what Rush has told us so many times: everyone who eats carrots eventually will die.
The AP and MTV collaborated on a poll that found that the single most important factor in the happiness of kids is spending time with family. Shocking! Family values matter after all. (Rush 24/7 Members: Listen Here).
Rush analyzes the Democrat debate and Mrs. Clinton's comments on the "Republican attack machine." Hillary seems to think she has the primary locked up and now she's zeroing in on the general election, which she thinks will be a contest against Rudy. We have a question for you, Mrs. Clinton. If you've been fighting Republicans for 35 years without making any progress, why should you get four more? (Rush 24/7 Members: Listen Here).
The Democrats weighed in on the mortgage "crisis" at the debate. No one asked John Edwards about his hedge fund foreclosing on Katrina victims.. If Mitt Romney had $16 million invested in taking homes away from Katrina victims, don't you think it would have been question number one? (Rush 24/7 Members: Listen Here).
The Breck Girl should be laughed out of the Democrat race for the White House given some of the answers he gave in that debate. He says he'll sit down and negotiate with Iran, but not with the evil American drug companies. Even better than that is his claim in a recent interview not to know whether the Cuban healthcare system was government run. It's Dukakis-in-the-tank time, folks.
A caller asks if this is the last chance for Hillary to be president, given her age. It probably is and that means that this is the last gasp of the Baby Boomer, anti-war, McGovern-wing of the party to run the country.
We have an SUV Update: Smaller cars are more dangerous. Don't you just love how the Drive-Bys arrive at an obvious conclusion years late?
Kooks out there actually believe that Hurricane Dean was sent to Texas as a punishment for George W. Bush.
They've got fat cats and dogs running amok in the UK.
Bill Moyers has Rove Derangement Syndrome. His latest attack on Karl Rove is illustrative of how liberals view conservatives. It's the epitome of hate speech.
A caller who's done some research on trans fats calls in to assure us that they're not good for you.
Two Democrats, including Senator Carl Levin, have come back from Iraq saying the surge is showing real progress. There is an internal battle going on within the Democrat Party between those who want to stop the Democrats from going over the surrender cliff -- and the base, which wants America to lose in Iraq at all costs.
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