Straw Poll Results
April 8th, 2008 by Brian798
After the Kansas City debate, they held a Straw Poll, which is basically a vote. At all of the state conventions for Libertarians they conduct such a Straw Poll. Below are the results from the KC debate:

  a.. Wayne Allyn Root: 22
  b.. Bob Barr: 20
  c.. Mike Gravel: 15
  d.. Mary Ruwart: 12
  e.. Michael Jingozian: 8
  f.. George Phillies: 7
  g.. NOTA: 3
  h.. Christine Smith: 2
  i.. Barry Hess: 1
The Ohio State Convention was also held over the weekend. Sentator Gravel finished second in the Straw Poll there. We do not have any hard number counts for that vote.

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