[ronpaul-77] Question of Dr. Paul

Admittedly, his speech regarding abortion wasn't my favorite. Though, I don't believe it was in any way contrary to his previous statements on the abortion issue. He has clearly stated that it is each state's right to decide. These issues just tend to inflame everyone. Just look at reality, it is very unlikely that most states would vote to make abortion illegal. Ron as you know, can't overturn Roe vs Wade himself. He hasn't made abortion a litmus test. Mainly, he runs on non-intervensionism and rolling back government power.

Regarding, religious symbols in government, I don't view it as a significant issue. Over 95% of the population believes in God. We won't get anywhere campaigning against religious symbols. We will just alienate the believers in our movement. There is no way we can win without the support of believers. If Ron was a true "Objectivist libertarian", this campaign would be DOA. Also, there is a significant number of libertarians who are believers as well. Ron meets us on over 90% of our issues. Bottom line is that a "pure libertarian" can't win. Ron can win, libertarian backing is important. I am fully committed and won't let these issues divide us.

These are straw men issues of the left and right. The left takes aim at religious symbols in our government then the right fires back. They do these things to fire up their base. If these issues are what the campaign is about, it just isn't worth it to me. Why bother with it?

Once, the other candidates realize they have to fight back against Ron, it will be the worst smear campaign you have ever seen. I will just echo Ron on the issues. They won't divide us over some insignificant issue. This campaign will go down in history as a big one.

Strategically, I have laid it out to you and the group. I hope this clears up your questions.

George <gamefreak99@...> wrote:
Hey Andrew,

Ron Paul's stance, as I understand it, is that abortion should be decided at the state level, and on a state-to-state basis -- hence, his dislike for Roe v Wade. Personally, he has said that he is against abortion, but that he sees it is a tricky situation whose solution shouldn't be mandated in a "one law fits all" sort of way. Recently he has come out with some more stringent anti-abortion ads to curry favor in Iowa, which is understandable, and likely what the constituents there want to hear. I don't recall him ever saying that he wanted a national law to outlaw abortion though...