[ronpaul-30] Ron Paul four column article in Badische Zeitung

I am in Maulburg, Germany, babysitting my granddaughter. Maulburg is 11
miles from Basel, Switzerland. The local paper, which serves Freiburg and
the surrounding area has a four column article about Ron Paul, along with a
three column picture on page 5.

The headline says, in English, "Applause for an outsider" "Of the
Republicans Ron Paul is liberal, has two feet on the ground and pacifist --
Thus he inspires many Americans."

"Republicans have another candidate for president. Ron Paul is a great
grandfather and the only Republican congressman who was always against the
Iraq war..."

This is GREAT publicity for Ron Paul. I have not noticed any other articles
about any other Republican candidates. The by line is Markus G√ľnther, the
US correspondent. Markus may be stationed in DC.

It was in the Tuesday, July 24 paper.

B. K. Lunde