Ron Paul on John Stewart - End the Fed

Fantastic....the word Libertarian has probably never been used so often on a popular TV show.<>

Yep, took a Republican to make it happen.


Who said the word libertarian more? Stewart or Paul?

When Paul was on Leno's show, it was Leno who said libertarian more than Paul.

I watched that show (I DVR Daily Show and Colbert Report every night) and was glad that it brought the issue of monetary supply and inflation into the living rooms of Stewart's loyal viewers. But it still struck me that Paul is a very reluctant libertarian and that if Stewart hadn't been leading the questions in that direction, the word libertarian would never have been mentioned in the interview.

But as you said, Marcy, it took a Republican on Stewart's show to make it happen, regardless of why and how. We should be happy, regardless of the means, that the word libertarian was used so often in a positive light in front of an audience to which we have little to no exposure.