Ron Paul Meetup group meeting / sign-making party tonight (Los Altos)

I'm getting a ride from someone meeting me at Daly City BART at 615pm. He has room for two more folks besides myself and the other person already riding with him. Let me know if you would like to join us. We may try to hang some signs on the way back, and return to BART around 930 or 10pm. See meeting details below.

  In addition to helping Ron Paul, I think this is also an excellent opportunity to meet potential new Libertarian activists. There seems to be a high level of motivation, excitement, and initiative among the Ron Paul volunteers which would be most welcome in the LP.

Love & Liberty,
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Just a quick reminder that The Bay Area Ron Paul 2008 Meetup
Group has a Meetup tomorrow.

Please take a minute to RSVP now. This will help your Organizer
plan a better Meetup! You can see who's coming and RSVP here:

What: Banner making Meetup!

When: Monday, July 2 at 7:00PM

Who: At least 20 Ron Paul Supporters

Where: Lincoln Park
199 University Ave. (near Foothill Expy & Edith)
Los Altos CA 94022

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To see who's coming and to RSVP:

Event Description:
We'll be making banners and lots of them! We'll be making two
designs, "Ron Paul 2008 - Hope for America" and "Candidate Ron
Paul HERE July 14 -"