Ron Paul in SF Sept 13th.

Dear Starchild;

I absolutely do not support allowing the use of the LPSF mailing list either by sale to the candidate or the LPSF doing the mailing.

If Ron Paul wants to send a mailing to Libertarians he can obtain the registered voter list from the Department of Elections and mail all registered Libertarians to his hearts content. He is allowed to do this as a presidential candidate he can actually get all registered Libertarians statewide form the Secretary of State.

The same applies to any other Libertarian candidate. We aren't for sale to anyone who comes along and wants to rent us or buy us.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

Dear All:

I believe we had this discussion previously (don't
happen to remember a propos of who or what) and we
agreed that the LPSF list was not for sale but that
under appropriate circumstances (not specified at the
time), and with reimbursement, we would be willing to
do a mailing.

In this particular case (since not all of the LPSF
supports Ron Paul's candidacy), I agree with Ron G.
that it would be better if Ron Paul's campaign got a
list of registered libertarians from the Dept of


Thanks Francoise and the others who contributed. I didn't know the list
was available otherwise. This message will be passed on to the Ron Paul
campaign so they know the list is available through City Hall.

Best regards,