Ron Paul Conference Calls

Two Ron Paul Conference Calls: Feb. 10 & Feb. 15
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Host: Coalition for Ron Paul

Scheduled Conference Date: Saturday, February 10, 2007
Scheduled Start Time: 3:00 PM Eastern Std Time
Scheduled End Time: 4:55 PM Eastern Std Time
Scheduled # of Participants: 100
Type of Conference: Web-Scheduled Standard
Dial-in Number: 1-712-580-1800 (Iowa)
Participant Access Code: 7667285 (RonPaul)

This is the first meeting of the "Coalition for Ron Paul" or "Paul Power"
group, a independent, national Meet-up of people commited to grassroots action
to provide early support for Ron Paul in his attempt to win the Republican
nomination for President. Starts promptly at 3:00 pm Saturday, informal talk
begins ten minutes before. Tentative agenda:

-Introductory comments, John Clifton, Guy Brown
-Remarks by rep from the Ron Paul Exploratory Committee (Y. Kelly)
-Reports on Other Action groups (e.g., Aaron Russo's 2/3 teleconference)
-Importance of Early Primaries/Caucuses
-5 Minute Presentations (pitches of action plans to boost Paul)
-Technical Problems for a Paul candidacy (election issues)
-Technical Issues in Independently Organizing for Paul
-Follow-up Announcements/Adjourn